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ADI Counseling Services

Individual Counseling: Individual counseling addresses a wide range of issues such as depression, anxiety, self esteem, stress, anger, bereavement, identity development, abuse history, and family of origin concerns.  All of these issues can be addressed in the context of how they affect our ability to have the kind of relationships we desire.

Relationship Counseling: Relationship counseling deals more directly with improving communication skills in an effort to build intimacy and increase satisfaction in our relationship.

Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy: Some couples need minor adjustments to get back on their feet and some need a major overhaul to save their relationship, marriage, or family. Some couples come to solve current problems or heal from past relationship wounds. In addition to traditional therapy and counseling, Bill offers the following counseling packages:

  • Improved Couples Communication Skills
  • 3 Session Relationship Evaluation
  • Premarital Counseling Program

Family Therapy/Family Counseling: Some families come to family counseling to prevent problems from occurring in the future and some come to solve current problems or heal from past family wounds. Bill’s PhD coursework specializes in family counseling.

Adolescent Therapy/Counseling for Teenagers: Some adolescents/teenagers have minor issues and just need a little assistance to get back on track. Others have very serious issues such as teenage depression, eating disorders, teenage violence, substance abuse, and many more serious issues that need more significant interventions.




My Interests in Therapy Include:
Individuals, Couples, and Adolescents   Families
Improved Communication   Communication Difficulties
Relationship Problems   Parenting Difficulties
School/College Problems   Discipline Problems
Work Problems   Financial Conflicts
Sexual Problems   Dealing with Divorce
Responsibility Problems   Single Parent Difficulties
Coping with a Pregnancy   Step-parent Issues
Parenting Problems   Multiple-home Parenting
Problems with Family Members   Blending Families
Separation Difficulties   Decreased Fun within the Family
Independence Difficulties   Dealing with Moves or Changes
Depression   Coping with a Loss or Death
Anxiety   Domestic Conflict/Frequent Fighting
Anger Issues   Teenage Issues
Eating Disorder Issues   Young Child Issues
Sleeping Problems   Sibling Problems
Substance Use/Abuse Issues   Anger Issues
Coping with Parents' Divorce   Behavior Problem Issues
Coping with a Move or Loss   Power/Control Problems
Coping with a Death   Lack of Mutual Respect
Coping with Childhood or Adolescent Trauma   Career/Work Conflicts
Coping with Past Abuse Issues (physical, sexual, emotional, or neglect)   Overall Decreased Satisfaction within the Family


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